Event name: Closing Conference meeting
Date: 13-14.07.2022
Location: online

On July 13, 2022, the first day of the last meeting of the project “POSTCARE. Displacement of third-country nationals in care services: the current situation and scenarios for the future”. The meeting is started by the beneficiary of the project, CONFSAL, who welcomed the partners. Next, he introduced the order of the agenda for the two days of the event.

The expert coordinator of the project did a presentation of the conclusions, of the comparative analysis of the National Reports of third countries in care services. Making a reminder of the work procedure for displaced people based on the “Van der Elst” Visa and referring to some sentences that establish regulations on this subject. He also focused on the existence of a widespread need for caregivers’ “workforce” and the wages received by caregivers from third countries, as well as irregularities in hiring. Next, he commented on the different countries regarding the reception or sending of displaced assistance caregivers. Finally, in this intervention he referred to the vulnerability of the workers regarding the lack of information about their work and the difficulty of knowing the language, and ended with the recommendations.

Secondly, the speaker from Poland intervened, making an assessment from a global perspective regarding Asian countries, as trainers of qualified caregiver workers, then he referred to the contracting subjects. He also commented on the recent formation of a specific union for care workers in Poland.

As a consequence of these interventions, a debate is opened on the application of “Van der elst” visas in Germany and the coverage.

To end the meeting, the expert presented the future scenarios in care services for TCNs, making the conclusions and recommendations.

The meeting on July 14, 2022 began with a brief intervention by the beneficiary of the project, CONFSAL, who did a brief summary of what had been done the previous day and explained the content of the day’s agenda, to give way to the guest speaker of the day.

First, the speaker from the European Agency, ELA, intervened. She explained what the organization is, its objectives, areas of action, activities, procedures established to carry out control inspections, as well as training needs that are necessary to address their work.

A short discussion followed.

Secondly, the participating organizations did their intervention on the specific problems of each country in the displacement of third-country nationals to care services.

The meeting concluded with the commitment to finish perfecting the final documents for their submission and it was proposed to continue advancing on this issue in a new project for the future, concluding that the first thing to be solved is the legality of the workers and then address the quality of the services provided.

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