Date: 23-24.05.2022

On 23th and 24th of May 2022, it was held a workshop of the project POSTCARE Posting of third country nationals in care services – the current state of play and scenarios for the future. The meeting attended 20 participants from Italy, Poland, Spain, Serbia, Greece, Netherlands, Slovenia, Poland and Germany. 

the theme of the meeting on the problems of carers from third countries. 

After that, the main expert explained the analysis phase. He began by pointing out the difficulty of brainstorming online and proposed to do it through the national reports.

He indicated that from the analysis of the reports it had been possible to establish that the countries with the highest number of recipients were: Germany, Italy, Austria and Spain: Germany, Italy, Austria and Spain and, in second place, the Netherlands and Belgium. In terms of the origin of these carers: Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Albania and Modavia; as well as Latin America in Spain and, increasingly, from North Africa and Asia.

In the case of unregulated and direct hiring by the families, both the quality of the services, since the necessary training to perform these functions is not controlled or required, and the employment conditions of workers not subject to a collective agreement or, in many cases, to an employment contract, are worse and may continue to worsen.

A new debate was then opened on the necessary training of carers and the care they should provide

It was concluded that it is necessary to hire these workers through accredited companies, which would mean improvements for the workers, lower costs and higher qualification of these workers.

Finally, it was concluded that these subject will be discussed more in the next meetings. 

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