Event name: Working Session
date: 25.03.2022
Location: online

The meeting of the “POSTCARE. Displacement of the third countries at warnings: the actual situation and scenarios for the future “, was held on 25 March 2022.

The meeting was attended by 20 participants from Italy, Poland, Spain, Serbia, Greece, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Germany.

The meeting started with the presentation of the project beneficiary, CONFSAL, and the project partners and their organizations. The theme of the meeting was then introduced: the problem of caregivers from Third Countries; to kick off the day’s agenda.

After, each participating country presented the results of the research phase previously carried out, and then held a round table on key elements, obstacles and good practices. In this round table various questions were raised on the meaning of illegal work in each participating country and on possible solutions to address the situation of the shadow economy, which, from the reports presented by the participating organizations, appears to be a common denominator in all Countries.

In the last part of the meeting the objectives and future activities of the Project were presented.

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